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Become an ASCIRA Independent Business Member. Discover a rewarding opportunity to earn and learn. With your ASCIRA membership, you will receive everything you need to help you succeed.

In your Virtual Management System (VMS), you will receive all of the tools, technology, marketing, training, and resources, created by top industry professionals, to help you share ASCIRA and maximize your results.

You will also receive a professionally-designed personal replicated website and landing page just like this one, that does all the presenting and selling for you, and a virtual back office where you can keep track of your business, complete with sharing tools, business reports, training and more.

ASCIRA aims to provide the best industry support with access to the industry’s top earners and trainers through calls, webinars, events, and multimedia. You simply can’t put a price on this!

Boost your Fast Start by choosing a Subscription Pack and save even more off ASCIRA Academy and Smart Travel membership prices.

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We provide you with a System, Training and Support that shows you the way, guides you step-by-step and helps you secure your future for many decades to come.

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Diamond Summit

The Diamond Summit

ASCIRA is a global leadership community driven by our beliefs that the world needs better leaders. Our annual thought leadership summit brings together Diamonds and above for an exceptional educational, experiential, and cultural immersion opportunity made possible only in ASCIRA. This unique event connects members in a “safe haven” environment of trust and confidentiality so they can learn from each other and grow together because peers learn best from peers.

At every summit, ASCIRA Executives will lead conversations with people who are pushing the culture forward. We will bring together some of the most provocative thinkers and paradigm shifters to join us for panels, workshops, and classes. We will wine and dine, celebrating our successes and having the most memorable adventures.

We invite all Qualified Diamonds and above to join us for all expenses paid incentive trips to Dubai.

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